Swiggity swog, here’s my new blog

Hello all – in case you’re interested, I now blog here. This Tumblr has been a long trial run in which I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing, and gotten over some of my self-criticisms. Wordpress is a far better place for text posts, though.

For Red Dwarf fans - I’ve posted about “Waiting for God” here. I’m thinking I ought to post about the highlights of Series VII sometime too, as there is fantastic stuff in there.

After taking an unwilling break from the internet, I’ve pretty much lost interest in Tumblr. It’s too much of a time suck, and I seem to have slowly stopped being a fannish person. (Not coming on here has also meant I’ve been almost totally unspoiled for the past few months of Doctor Who, and that’s been great.) Plus maybe it’s better to quit while I’ve got something that still gets reblogged.

I hope to start a Deadwood rewatch in the next month or so, as a long term project. It just depends on when I can get some more background research done. (Reading a book about an important historical figure who’s dead by the third episode is a pain.) So, watch this space.

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30 days of quentin tarantino: 

favorite opening (jackie brown)

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X Ray Spex - Oh Bondage Up Yours!

some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but i think oh bondage up yours

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Dan Duryea and Joan Bennett in The Woman in the Window (1944)


Dan Duryea and Joan Bennett in The Woman in the Window (1944)

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You have been tested, Al Swearengen. And your deepest purposes proved. There’s gold on the woman’s claim. You might as well have shouted it from the rooftops. “That’s why I’m jumping through hoops to get it back. Thorough as I fleeced the fool she married, I will fleece his widow, too, using loyal associates like Eustace Bailey Farnum as my go-betweens and dupes. To explain why I want her bought out I will make a pretext of my fear of the Pinkertons. I will throw Farnum a token thief. Why should I reward E.B. with some small fractional participation in the claim? Or let him even lay by a little security and source of continuing income for his declining years? What’s he ever done for me except let me terrify him every goddamned day of his life till the idea of bowel regularity is a forlorn fucking hope. Not to mention ordering a man killed in one of E.B.’s rooms. So every fucking free moment of his life E.B. has to spend scrubbing the bloodstains off the goddamned floor to keep from … having to lower his rates.” God damn that motherfucker!

Deadwood 1x05

It’s impossible to pick a favourite character in Deadwood. But EB Farnum is a strong contender. Until I remember that Jane and the Doc exist. And Ellsworth. And Dan and Al. And Joanie. And-

Like I say, it’s hard to pick favourites. But I sort of love EB and his impotent ranting.

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